About Us

What’s Unique About our Yeshiva?

Torah L’Maaseh is the only yeshiva program in Israel that provides:
  1. A Torah L’Maaseh curriculum that give students hands-on, do-it- yourself, practical Torah skills and experience.
  2. An Israel immersion program located in Jerusalem. Our program is being offered through Yeshivat Ramot (an Israeli Hesder Yeshiva). Torah L’Maaseh completely integrates students into Israeli society and culture by emphasizing study in the Hebrew language (ulpan) and alongside the students at Yeshivat Ramot and the neighboring community. (Hesder is optional)
  3. Relevant Torah study tracks that are customized and personalized to students’ interests in a warm, one-on-one atmosphere without pressure to conform to a specific religious faction/lifestyle group.

Rabbi Avi Grossman, founder and director of the program, has been teaching “hands-on” Torah in a relevant way for over 15 years. He empowers the students to succeed and take their Torah study to the next level and into their everyday lives.

Torah L’Maaseh‘s one-year yeshiva program is starting its first year this Elul / September! APPLY NOW!
The program is for religious, idealistic, English-speaking men between the ages of 18 and 25. Students are welcome to join throughout the year.


Yeshivat Ramot

Yeshivat Ramot is a post-high-school Israeli yeshiva that offers a hesder program which combines advanced Talmudic studies with military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), within a religious Zionist framework. Students may choose to stay in yeshiva and not enlist, as well as learn in the Yeshiva’s advanced Kollel program. This year Yeshivat Ramot is launching Torah L’Maaseh for English-speaking students.

Yeshivat Ramot was founded in 2000 by the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi David Avihail, and is the only religious-Zionist Israeli yeshiva in the neighborhood of Ramot, Jerusalem. Its specialty is making Torah relevant. Read more about our dedicated faculty and warm staff.


Our Mission

Our mission is  to provide each one of our students with  a personally relevant, hands-on Torah education that can be applied to everyday living in Israel throughout one’s life. Our mission is realized through our unique Torah L’ Maaseh curriculum –  a program that offers do-it-yourself,  real-life Torah  skills and experiences that are geared to the individual (without “cookie cutter” treatment):  from learning  how to tie your own tzitzit to successfully immersing yourself into Israeli society and culture and out of the Anglo bubble.