Our Hands-on Curriculum

At Torah L’Maaseh, studies focus on real-life halacha and students are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and acquire hands-on know-how. The following is just a partial list of “How-to” Torah skills and experiences that are part of the curriculum:

  • Tying your own tzitzit
  • Harvesting the arba’a minim for Sukkot
  • Astronomy and the Jewish calendar
  • Mitzvot hat’luyot ba’aretz and Terumot Uma’asrot 
  • Matza baking
  • Sukka building (Community involvement)
  • Safrut
  • Kashering utensils
  • Jerusalem heritage study
  • Marriage preparation
  • And much more….

Torah L’Maaseh will also participate in all of Yeshivat Ramot’s special programming and trips, including Ymei Iyun before the holidays and special prayer gatherings on the holidays. Highlights include a monthly tour with the Rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Avihail, to study different elements in the environment and historical sites mentioned in the Torah.


Living The Real Israel

We provide students with an all-encompassing support system so they can immerse themselves in Israeli culture and society.

  • We run an intensive Hebrew-language ulpan. By the end of the year students will be able to communicate in Hebrew, get jokes, and acquire skills for success in an Israeli environment.
  • Our English-speaking faculty is always readily available to answer any questions students have and to ensure that each student has a smooth transition into life in Israel.


Individualized Learning Styles and Tracks

We provide relevant Torah study tracks customized and personalized to students’ interests in a warm, one-on-one atmosphere which supports each student’s unique capabilities. As part of Yeshivat Ramot, we have the flexibility to provide a variety of learning levels along with a wide-range of study topics.

  • Explore topics that interest you
  • Excel by learning relevant materials
  • Personal havrutot with the rosh yeshiva and rebbeim
  • No question un-answered!

Study commence this Elul / September – APPLY NOW!