In The News




The wonderful Rivkah Lambert Adler interviewed us recently and shared her findings with the world


A good friend from yeshiva, Rafi Hecht came to Israel with his family and visited our family this past summer. He then wrote on his blog about his experience sharing the excitement of picking his own grapes and actually separating Terumah and Maaser with a Beracha for the first time in his life. This is what living Torah is all about! (Read more here)


Thank you to Mrs. Bahtya Minkin for her beautiful words straight from the heart: “Sometimes, knowing something is not enough. If you want to truly understand, you must live it–do it with your own two hands, witness it with your own eyes. And learning Torah is no exception… (Read more here)



Thank you to Mrs. Sharon Altshul for her enthusiasm to be the first to write about us in the news. A big thank you to the Baltimore Jewish Life for sponsoring the article. We are blessed to have such warm and welcoming excitement when launching our yeshiva program. (See article here)